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Meeting Minutes February 10, 2008 Time: 3:00 to 5:45 PM

Jacob Samuel


Presentation by Shannon Parry and Traci Reitz of City Hall on promoting sustainability in our homes, our businesses and our neighborhood.


Meeting called to order: 4:15 PM

1. Introduction to OPA: Introductions of board members and other meeting attendees.

2. New Items for Board Attention
· OPA member wants to add to a future agenda a discussion on speeding motorists on certain streets.
ACTION: Ted will look into getting someone from the city to attend.
· Board member requested future agenda discussion for OPA to become a Sustainable City Champion.

3. Brief Announcements (One minute or less, without discussion)
· Website has been updated. Thank you Dennis! Need to encourage new members to sign up on the website.
· Meeting Thursday, 2/14/08@ 3:00 PM Lori Nafshun, Jeff Jarow with Aleta at the Victorian regarding preliminary planningannual
· Council Meeting, Tuesday 2/12/08: discussion about historic district structure redesign approval—possible appeal

4. Review and Approval of January Meeting Minutes
· Motion to approve minutes with typo corrected: Approved unanimously

5. Review of Board and Executive Committee Decisions Taken Since Last Meeting: none taken

6. Information Items:
· Monday, March 3—6:309:
00 PM: @ SMASH school auditorium. 2525 5th Street, Santa Monica
OP Blvd. Community Workshop: Mary Marlow distributed postcards from City that will be mailed to residents living on OP Blvd and 500 feetin from all directions.
· Bike path on OP Blvd.Mary
Hubbell spoke to LA Bike Coalition Board Member Kent Strumpell. Ideas related to separated bike lanes,
crosswalk changes, and other intersection changes were shared. Invited him to the OP Blvd. Community Workshop meeting on March 3
· Permit Parking: Jeff Jarow reported that Coastal Commission has passed request for permit parking on streets from 4th and Lincoln Blvd. and Pico and Ocean Park Blvd.


7. Meet and greet with new Supervisor, Jaime Hernandez, of the SMPD Neighborhood Resource Officers (NRO) Program. He introduced SMPD Officers, Scott Pace and Brent Crafton, who have been assigned to new Ocean Park beats. Discussion followed regarding the new working relationship with the neighborhoods. Go to www.santamonicapd.org for NRO contact information. Lauralee Asch will continue to be a liaison between the SMPD and OPA. She also disseminated information about the Citizen Police Academy course available to residents.
8. Discussion of restriping of Ocean Park Boulevard east of Lincoln city is analyzing flow of traffic in this area. Discussion followed. Ideas from board members shared.
· Volunteer to draft letter to city officials. Motion: Bob Taylor and Cristyne Lawson draft a letter from OPA regarding concerns. Motion
passed unanimously
· ACTION: Bob and Cristyne will draft a letter to City for Board approval

9. Discussion of Residents’ Initiative to Fight Traffic (RIFT) to enact annual cap on commercial development (Winterer)
· See www.smrift.com and attachment #2
· Motion: Endorsement by OPA of RIFT. Discussion followed.
· Motion carries: 9/yes, 0/no, 4/abstensions

10. Livability of Ocean Park: Committee Reports

· Ocean Park Boulevard (Chair: Taylor / Members: Jarow, Auch, Winterer): Petition signatures are being collected. Letter of support from Main Street Merchants needs to be signed. Mary Marlow, Dave Auch, Cristyne Lawson and others will present at the Tuesday, City Council Budget meeting.
ACTION: Bob will send out last OP Blvd meeting notes with bullet points to organize presentation to the Council
· Main Street (Chair: Samuel / Members: Taylor, Ehrlich): No report
· Traffic and Parking (Chair: Samuel / Members: Hubbell, Ludwinski, Taylor): no report
· Disaster Preparedness (Chair: Ludwinski / Members: Bohannon): Jan Ludwinski is gathering information
· General Plan (Chair: Marlow / Members: Samuel, Winterer): Next LUCE Workshop: Transportation –
details on the www.opasm.org calendar

11. Kevin Herrera, editor of SM Daily Press, spoke about OPA contributing a column (approx. 600 wds) 45
times per year on neighborhood/ OPA
issues. Contact: (310) 458PRESS
ACTION: Mary Marlow will write first column

12. Discussion of obtaining liability coverage for OPA Board (Winterer)
· Volunteer to obtain quotes from vendors used by NOMA, FOSP, perhaps others: tabled

13. Discussion of revision to bylaws re Board actions between meetings (Ludwinski) tabled

14. OPA Administration: Committee and Task Force Reports
· Events (Chair: Nafshun / Members: Hubbell, Bohannon, Marlow, Jarow, Lewis, Ehrlich): Motion: Budget for fliers for BBQ requesting $200. Motion passed unanimously
· Membership (Chair: Jarow / Secretary: Bohannon):
ACTION: Jeff will send a membership renewal email blast to members
i. Quarterly Membership Report (April, July, October and January meetings): no report
· Communications (Lewis): Newsletter is going out! Thank you Susan Lewis and all who submitted articles!
· Community Outreach (Marlow): gathering OP Blvd petition signatures at the Farmer’s Market
· Hospitality Committee (Lawson): Thank you Cristyne and Lori for the treats!
· Neighborhood Council (Representative: Hopkins): Next NC meeting will be February 16 10
to 12:30 at Ken Edwards Center.
· Treasurers Report (Ehrlich)
i. Quarterly Treasurers Report (April, July, October and January meetings): Parade budget report distributed
· Website (Chairs: Allard and Brand)
1. ACTION: OPA generated letters and other correspondence will be posted under Current Issues on website, NC minutes will be posted on website

Motion to extend meeting to 6:00 PM: Motion passed unanimously

Adjourned 6:05 PM

Next Meetings:
· Monday, March 3rd, 6:309:
00 PM, Ocean Park Blvd. Community Workshop, SMASH/Muir Auditorium
· Sunday, March 9th, 4 PM, Monthly OPA Meeting Joslyn Park
· Wednesday March 12th, Ocean Park Neighborhood Barbecue at the Victorian on Main
· Sunday, April 12th, 4 PM, Monthly OPA Meeting, Joslyn Park

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