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7:00 – 9:00 PM Joslyn Park





Presentation by Randy Little – View corridors and planting of native Torrey Pine trees in 2030 lot (20 min.)

Presentation by Nina Fresco - Landmarks designation process (20 min.)




1.     Introduction to OPA (Ludwinski - 1 minute)

2.     Announcements

3.     Actions taken since last Board meeting

4.     Approval of minutes from January and February Board meetings; see Attachments 2 and 3

5.     MSBIA request for support regarding sidewalk signage and outdoor display of merchandise; see Attachment 1 (Gary Gordon 15 min.)

6.     Neighborhood survey status action item (Taylor 5 min.)

What: Report status of neighborhood survey

Who: Bob

When: March 7, 2011

7.     Report from Neighborhood Council (Godon-Tann 15 min.). Some topics:

a.     Report on 2300 Wilshire Project, Flouridation of city water

b.     Candidate transparency in funding meeting on March 30

c.     CC Meeting on same on March 22

d.     BBB issues and funding

e.     Bergemont Transit Village, March 8th report on City Traffic to CC and

f.      Dismissal of CC liaisons to commission or board meetings.

8.     Events Committee status (Nafshun 10 min.)

9.     Ocean Park Library Grand Opening activity (Jarow/Huq 10 min.)

10.   SMO Airport updates and action item (Perrone 10 min.)

What: Post electronic version of 1/19/11 SMO Analysis Report

Who: Michele

When: March 7, 2011

11.  Treasurer’s report and report of banking change (Godon-Tann 10 min.)

12.  Membership report (Huq 5 min.)

13.  Proposed policy on membership-wide email blasts (10 min.)

14.  Future agenda items

Meeting Close

Next Meeting, April 4, 2011 Joslyn Park 7:00 – 9:00 PM

Attachment 1

March 2, 2011


From: MSBIA/Gary Gordon, Exec. Dir.

Re: Item that will come before Council March 22

The MSBIA requests the approval of sign and outdoor display standards that allow the use of A-frame or sandwich boards on public and private property and limited numbers of merchandise racks for the purpose of advertising limited-time promotions. The standards should include reasonable material, design, and pedestrian passage requirements.

Businesses which have deployed the signs and outdoor displays since Nov. '09, when Council instructed staff to study this, have reported periodically that it has been absolutely beneficial to their business, which is especially critical in these economic times.

This item will come before the Council on March 22.  We are seeking OPA’s support.

Thank you for your consideration.

Gary Gordon

Executive Director

Main St. Business Improvement Assoc.

Attachment 2

Preliminary Minutes

Date: February 7, 2011

Time: 7-9 PM

Location: Joslyn Park


Board Members in Attendance

David Auch

Pauline Bohannon

Dana Ehrlich

Nina Fresco

Patricia Godon-Tann

Sadat Huq

Jeffrey Jarow

Jan Ludwinski

Michele Perrone

Roger Swanson

Bob Taylor

Noticed Board Member Absences

Mary Marlow

Ross Furakawa

Susan Lewis

Lori Nafshun


Topics Discussed

Introduction to OPA

President Jan Ludwinski introduced the guest speakers at 7:10 PM

LA Marathon: March 20, 2011

Kate Vernez, Asst. to the City Manager, introduced Ginger Williams - LA Marathon Community Relations Director and members of City Staff including: Don Patterson - Parking, Bruce Davis - Fire, Jay Tisler - Police, Linda Gamberg - BBB, Sam Morrisey - Transportation, Kim Braun - Waste Mgt.

Each discussed plans and other details for the 2011 LA Marathon (Note: all plans subject to change):

·      Ginger Williams: The race finish will be at California Ave. not Santa Monica Blvd.; The event after the race will be held across from City Hall at the old Rand site. Anyone wanting to volunteer should do so at www.Lamarathon.com.

·      Chief Davis: Discussed the route down San Vicente (eastbound side) and Ocean Ave., as well as various runner amenities. A total registration of 28,000 will result in an expected 25,000 runners. A total of 55 fire/paramedics will be at various points along the route, with an additional 150 volunteers to help. 30 fire/paramedics personnel will cover the city. Last year 743 runners were from Santa Monica.

·      Sam Morrisey: Traffic closures will begin at 6 AM. The race course will begin opening to traffic on San Vicente at 5 PM and finish at Colorado by 9 PM.

·      Don Patterson: Downtown City lots will charge $20, but the rate declines to $5 at more remote locations. Parking will also use the Civic Center lot and South Beach lots for runner parking. Sunday Main Street Market parking at the South Beach lot will be $5, with 300 only spaces reserved.

·      Linda Gamberg: All westbound bus routes will end at 11th. Shuttles west will be made available. BBB information services will also be expanded for the race.

·      Sgt. Tisler: SMPD will focus its efforts on public safety using the tools at its disposal, with significant increases in traffic services to keep the traffic moving. ;-)

·      Kim Braun: Last year Santa Monica cleaned their race route before LA did. The haul last year totaled 12,000 lb., of which 88% was recycled. Cheers! This year there will be 500 trash cans along route and in downtown.

OPA BOD Call to Order

President Jan Ludwinski called the meeting to order at 7:40 PM


Jan made the following announcements:

Ocean Park Library reopened January 29; Grand reopening on March 12, 2011

Planning Commission Meeting: Bergamot Transit Village Workshop, 17 Feb, 6:30 PM @ Pier 59 Studios, 2415 Michigan Ave @ Bergamot Station

Neighborhood Council meetings held every 3rd Saturday of the month at 10 AM

2501 2nd Street Demolition (Update from Nina Fresco, member of the SM Landmarks Commission: The Commission voted unanimously on February 14th to designate the front house on the property as a landmark. An appeal to City Council is expected. The property owner did not support the designation.)

Vidiots: Long-term, local business suffering hard times reported in a SMDP article; Shop Local!

Actions taken since last Board meeting

Jan discussed one action taken:

The letter to SMC regarding ethics and conflict of interest issues posed by a Professor’s support of SMRR candidates in the 2010 City election using students in his class was sent on January 10, 2011. SMC has not yet responded.

Status of action items

Since there are no pending Action Items; no status reports were made. This will commence next month.

SMO Airport updates

Michele distributed copies and briefly discussed the January 19, 2011 report by John Fairweather titled, “Analysis of SMO Flight Traffic”, which was for flights on January 8, 2011.

The report covers 81 flights with 65% from flight schools. Two thirds of the flight path violations were due to flight school flights.

Michele took an action item to post an electronic version of the report.

Other related information included:

·      Announcement of the February 28 Airport Commission meeting

·      Santa Monica lost its suit regarding the C and D jet safety issue against the FAA;  A court solution is not likely, however, the City Council is weighing its options and will make a decision about how they intend to proceed shortly. The legal options available to the City are thought to be limited according to some sources.

·      Lobbyist hired by the City will earn a bonus of 70K if the FAA adopts the flight path recommended by the City Consultant- ASRC Research and Technology Solutions.

·      A local neighborhood group has conducted two 2-day studies of the planes leaving SMO.  The results of these studies identify the origin of the flights their routes and flight path violations.  An interesting and unexpected finding was that many of the flights logged (more than 30%) do not show up on the Webtrak radar or in the Airport's database.  Most of these omissions are flights at low altitude and often off the recommended route.  Since this is the data base that has been the primary source of data for the FAA and City consultants, it raises questions as to the credibility of their findings of compliance in past reports.   Their study finds that 2/3 of the flights come from flight schools, 1/2 do not use the recommended "fly friendly" departure path, and 3/4 of those not using it are from flight schools.

·      An Airport task force made up of the various neighborhood groups has been formed.  This group will be meeting with the City Manager in 10 days to discuss issues relating to the airport operations.

Next milestones/decisions for SMO:

·      What are the long term and short-term issues?

·      And, what does the SMO committee want OPA to do?

Newsletter Status

No report provided. A FAQ on Measure RR will be added to the Newsletter after review by OPA and other Neighborhood groups.

Treasurer’s report and discussion of banking change

Patty reported that she has all the accounts up to date and all outstanding invoices are paid. Patty created a new reporting methodology that includes a paper trail for all payments to ensure correct reporting. A monthly Treasurer report will be made.

The following account status was distributed:

·      General Account: 2010 year-end balance is $2,514.

·      Special Event Account: 2010 year-end balance is $8,024, including a July 4th Parade surplus of $7,809.

·      The 2010 P & L includes income of $21,681, expenses of $20,333 and a net income of $1,348. 

Patty also reported that the 2011 application for the Santa Monica Grant for Neighborhood Associations was submitted within the last 45 days.

A change in banks has been proposed and any ideas on a new bank should be sent to Patty.

Membership report

Sadat reported that OPA's membership database is maintained through the back end of our OPA website. We currently have over 1000 contacts and just over 200 paid members.

Ross is setting up a membership renewal system with automatic email notices. Sadat will work with Ross to set up a "Membership" tab section on our website, complete with a user-friendly payment checkout for renewals and new memberships.

Sadat will send out a membership promo email blast as soon as we have the Membership section of our website properly set up.

In the future, Sadat hopes to have a better system in place for keeping track of t-shirts sales, and membership payments for individuals and families.

Ocean Park Blvd. “Green Street” status

Bob provided an update indicating that plantings and other amenities have been finalized in construction drawings, which he brought to the meeting.

Decision on construction bids is expected in late March/early April, with construction to commence July.

Results of poll on permanent meeting date change

Poll results indicated that Monday nights were the favored night for meetings. Only Bob and Susan objected due to their school night commitments: Only one of them is able to attend on Monday nights.

Until further notice, all OPA BOD meetings will be held on the 1st Monday of the month.

Policy on membership-wide email blasts

This item was deferred to the March meeting.

Main Street

Gary Gordon, President of the Main Street Business Improvement Association, requested that OPA add an agenda item to the March BOD meeting to discuss and, hopefully, endorse changes to allowed signage on Main Street.

On March 22 the City Council will review/decide changes to Main Street signage and outdoor displays. The main issue is the use of sandwich board signs versus blade signs, which are perpendicular to building fronts. Both aesthetics and sidewalk blocking aspects will be discussed.

Future agenda items

Meeting minute approvals for the 1/10/11 and 2/7/11 minutes

Action items and monthly reports:

·      Treasurer report

·      SMO report

·      OP Blvd. report

·      Membership report

Main street signage

Policy on membership-wide email blasts

Meeting Close

Next Meeting, Mar. 7, 2011 Joslyn Park 7:00 – 9:00 PM

Action Items

What: Post electronic version of 1/19/11 SMO Analysis Report

Who: Michele

When: March 7, 2011


What: Report status of neighborhood survey

Who: Bob

When: March 7, 2011

Attachment 3

Preliminary Minutes

Date January 10, 2011

Time 6:30 – 9 PM

Location Joslyn Park

Board Members in Attendance

David Auch

Pauline Bohannon

Sadat Huq

Jeffrey Jarow

Susan Lewis

Jan Ludwinski

Mary Marlow

Lori Nafshun

Roger Swanson

Bob Taylor

Noticed Board Member Absences

Dana Ehrlich

Ross Furakawa

Other Absences

Nina Fresco

Michele Perrone

Topics Discussed

Introduction to OPA

President Mary Marlow called the public meeting to order at 6:40 PM.

Sustainable Works & Green Living Workshops

Presentation by Gina Garcia on Sustainable Works and Green Living Workshops highlighting:

·       Green Living Workshops: Four-six week workshops covering six topics in 1.5 hour sessions; starting dates from Jan. 12 to Feb. 22.

·       Sustainable City Plan and Report Card

·       Ecological Footprint for each Santa Monica resident is 20.9 acres, which is lower than the US average of 24 acres

Presentation by Karen Reitz and Susan Arnett discussing the temporary closure of Ocean Park Library Branch for improvements:

·       Closed until Saturday, Jan. 29.

·       Interior renovations/improvements include: new carpets; adult space – new computer desks and chairs; children space – new chairs, computers, tables and stools

·       Early literacy and teen areas to be enhanced

Big Deans’s Café Expansion

Presentation by William Brantley, architect, to review the renovation of Big Dean's Cafe (c. 1970) on Ocean Front Walk to meet LA County Health and Safety rules concerning covered kitchens and ADA restrooms:

·       Big Dean’s is not in a specific neighborhood; closest to OPA

·       Will be requesting variances for Conditional Use Permit regarding: public parking requirements and 35% alcohol limit (% of Gross Revenue), which is more restrictive than the 49% ABC requirement.

·       January 19 Planning Commission review

·       Eight-week project will start by summer.

Board Meeting 

OPA President, Mary Marlow called the meeting to order at 7:40 PM.


Green Living Workshops, starting Jan. 12

Westside Shelter and Hunger Coalition SuperBowl-a-thon benefit: Friday, Feb 4 at 5:30 PM and 8 PM at the Pico Bowl

Meeting Minute Approval

Motion to approve November 8, 2010 meeting minutes, as amended, passed unanimously.

Election of 2011 OPA Board Officers

Welcome to two new Board members elected on Nov. 8: Michele Perrone and Sadat Huq

Thank you to Ted Winterer for his years of involvement and support of OPA

Nominations and affirmative votes for the following Board positions:

·       President: Jan Ludwinski

·       Co-Vice President: Mary Marlow and David Auch

·       Community Outreach: Jeff Jarow

·       Communication: Susan Lewis

·       Events/Fourth of July: Lori Nafshun

·       Ocean Park Blvd. Committee: Bob Taylor

·       SMO Committee: Michele Perrone

·       Membership: Sadat Huq

·       Secretary: Roger Roger Swanson


Made and seconded to add emergency agenda item to make an OPA Board appointee; carried unanimously


Made and seconded to appoint Patricia Godon-Tann to the OPA Board; carried unanimously

Nomination and affirmative vote for Treasurer: Patricia Godon-Tann

Survey Subcommittee Formation

Subcommittee formed to develop an Ocean Park resident survey.

Bob Taylor will facilitate this subcommittee. The following residents volunteered to work on the survey: David Tann, Katie Holt and Andrew Gledhill.


Discussion and request to sponsor ($150) a team to participate in the Westside Shelter and Hunger Coalition annual SuperBowl-a-thon on Friday, Feb. 4..


Made and seconded to sponsor one or two teams with Jeff Jarow to coordinate; carried unanimously

SMC Ethics & Conflict of Interest Re Political Actions

Discussion regarding the SMC ethics and conflict of interest issues posed by a Professor’s support of SMRR candidates in the 2010 City election using students in his class.


Made and seconded to send a letter to SMC containing the following motion by the OPA Board:

“The Ocean Park Association Board of Directors calls on Santa Monica College Board of Trustees to develop stronger ethics and conflict-of-interest training for its staff to ensure that its teachers do not use students to promote personal or political agendas. Since students are de facto working for grades, giving academic credit for walking precincts for one political organization has, at best, a strong appearance of impropriety, and at worst, is a self-serving action under color of authority and therefore an abuse of power.

We request an independent investigation and report into the recent conflict of interest allegations of Professor Richard Tahvildaran-Jesswein's student engagement in the 2010 Santa Monica election, and the strengthening of policies that will lessen the potential for such abuse in the future.”

Further, the OPA Board will send an e-mail to other neighborhood associations to request their support for the letter.

SMO Airport Update

Michele Perrone’s SMO Airport update is attached and made a part hereof.

Ocean Park Blvd. “Green Street” Update

Bob Taylor’s report included the following milestones:

·       Construction documents to be completed by Jan. 16

·       Review by City Departments to be completed by Feb. 14

·       Construction bids to be received in March

·       Tree selection completed

·       Bid review and Council selection estimated by end of April

·       Mid May/early June construction begins

·       The Los Amigos Park cisterns will be removed from the contract and will be covered by other projects/funds

January Newsletter/City Mailer Update

Susan Lewis reviewed the content of the January Newsletter, which will include:

·       Letter from OPA President

·       List of OPA accomplishments in 2010, including the Ocean Park Blvd. Green project, the 4th of July Parade and the Longfellow project

·       Group photo of OPA Board

·       Resident survey

·       Membership form

Future Agenda Items/Meeting Close

Future agenda items:

·       Updates on Ocean Park Blvd. project, SMO, July 4th Parade and other 2011 events

·       Discussion of permanent meeting date change.

Meeting adjourned at 9:00 PM.

Next Meeting

Monday, February 7, 2011, Joslyn Park 6:30 to 8:30 PM


SMO Airport Update by Michele Perrone, 1-10-11

1)        The city is doing a number of things regarding the airport. The December 14, 2010 staff report states: “Staff recommends a comprehensive process including creation of a vision for the future of the Airport, analysis of relevant concepts and their local applicability, as well as broad stakeholder engagement about the future of the Airport. To begin that process, the the following proposals were presented to the City Council. They were approved at the December 14th meeting. The quotes are from the same staff report:

a.         Commission the RAND Corporation to “undertake an initial study of the current state-of-the-art with regard to nontraditional uses of airport and airport- adjacent land and to prepare a presentation on the range of possible futures that could be considered for the Airport.”

b.         To enter into a contract with the firm Point C to formulate and manage an extensive community process regarding the range of possibilities for the Airportʼs future, in conjunction with the RAND study.

c.         To authorize the City Manager to negotiate and execute a contract for legal services with Crowell & Moring LLP, a Washington D.C. based firm, for aviation-related legal services. The services will be provided by Kirk Shaffer, former FAA Assistant Administrator for Airports, and a lobbyist. The hope is the firm can guide us to the right people and help us with strategy to get the FAA to approve an alternative to the 250 heading (see ASRC below). The firm has been given a financial incentive based on the success of their lobbying.

2)        Paraphrasing a response letter from Rod Gould to Zina Josephs written on October 12, 2010....”The city has entered into a contract with ASRC Research and Technology Solutions. ASRC is in the process of analyzing the proposed change in the IFR flight track, and examining VFR flight that occurred during the test period. They will advise the city regarding a possible alternative course to remedy the situation. They are hoping to offer a better alternative to the FAA that improves safety and reduces delays and emissions without upsetting as many residents.”

3)        The appellate court decision on the C & D jets is expected by February.

4)        The FAA has not made a decision what level of EIR to conduct on the proposed 250 heading for the flight path. In the same October 12 letter Rod Gould said the FAA was supposed announce their decision soon. “If the FAA determines that no further environmental review is necessary, the City Attorney has been authorized by the City Council to take whatever legal action deemed necessary to protect the interests of Santa Monica.”

5)        In December the City Manager turned down the recents applications for 2 new flight schools. Great news!

6)        FAA has stated that Santa Monica does not have the right to close the airport in 2015, rather, they believe they have the right to extend their use of the airport to 2023 and maybe even indefinitely. The city disagrees and will be contesting this, if needed. Ian Gregor, an agency spokesman, stated "The FAA is fully committed to preserving the federal investment and keeping this airport open and operating,"

7)        There will eventually be a website to track flights out of SMO and file complaints that go directly to SMO. It will be something like the LAX’s “webtrak”, but, specific to SMO, and, supposed to be better. The website was ready to put up, but, is held up for security concerns. It’s being worked on. According to Bob Trimborn, it could be a couple days, or months before it goes up. He cannot say.

Below are links to articles and staff reports pertaining to the above updates. You will need to copy and paste them:



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