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OPA Monthly Meeting Minutes

December 14, 2009 Time: 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.

Location: Joslyn Park Auditorium

Dennis Allard
David Auch
Pauline Bohannon
Dana Ehrlich
Ross Furukawa
Jeffrey Jarow
Joseph Smith
Bob Taylor
Mary Marlow
Jan Ludwinski
Susan Lewis Ted Winterer

Nina Fresco
Lori Nafshun

1. Introduction to OPA: President Marlow

2. Announcements
 Community meeting scheduled on the proposed Bergamot Transit Village Center
(579K sq.ft. creative office space, 300K sq.ft. residential and 60K sq.ft.
neighborhood-serving retail) – 12/15/09, 7:00 p.m., Thelma Terry Room, Virginia
 Draft Land Use and Circulation Element (LUCE) released for review on 11/24/09
– document available at www.shapethefuture2025.net.
 Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District (SMMUSD) allocated $125K to
review the feasibility of improvements at the Washington West site.
 Citizen Police Academy – classes offered tentative February 2010; information
available at www.santamonicapd.org/crimeprevention/CitizenAcademy.htm.
 Richard Diebenkorn book/photo event to be held tentative April/May 2010.
 Request for photo/bio of OPA President requested by John Reid, Assistant
Manager of Field Operations, U.S. Census Bureau; Census Open House event
scheduled for 1/13/10, 2:00 – 4:30 p.m. at Local Census Office #3247, 8407
Fallbrook Avenue, Ste. 270, West Hills; 2010 Census info will be provided on the
OPA website.
 OPA Board Member Joseph Smith appointed by the City of Malibu to serve on
the SMMUSD Measure BB Advisory Committee.

3. Review and approval of October Meeting Minutes.
Motion: Approve minutes
Action: Minutes approved unanimously

4. Discussion and election of officers for 2010.
Motion: Mary Marlow
Action: Elected unanimously
Vice President
Motion: Ted Winterer
Action: Elected unanimously
Motion: Dana Ehrlich*
Action: Elected unanimously
*Ehrlich requested outside assistance with year-end tax filing and initial setup of OPA
accounts; funding would be provided by OPA.
Motion: 1) Hire Gary Sidon in January 2010 to setup OPA’s three accounts in
Quickbooks; and 2) Request proposals from three CPAs to prepare yearend
tax filing; OPA to award following review.
Action: Passed unanimously
Motion: Joseph Smith
Action: Elected unanimously
Events Chair
Motion: Lori Nafshun
Action: Elected unanimously
Membership Chair
Motion: Pauline Bohannon**
Action: Elected unanimously
**To assist the Membership Chair’s duties, the Board discussed ways to simply
membership renewals and notifications for annual dues.
Motion: Furukawa to research programs for automated membership renewals and
notifications, and report information to the Board following.
Action: Passed unanimously
Community Outreach Chair
Motion: 1) Continue election until further discussion by the Board to clarify
position duties and add to future agenda items at the upcoming OPA
retreat event
Action: Passed unanimously
Communications Chair
Motion: Susan Lewis
Action: Elected unanimously

5. Discussed the schedule for 2010 meetings to effectively manage Board duties and
accommodate public attendance.
Motion: For the first quarter of 2010, OPA to meet on the first Monday evening of
the first and second month, and the second Sunday afternoon of the third
month (i.e., Monday 1/4/10; Monday 2/1/10; and Sunday 3/14/10).
Action: Meeting schedule approved unanimously

6. Discussion regarding the 2010 4th of July Parade and financing options for non-profit
receipt of City grant funds. Ehrlich reviewed Parade funding sources and filing concerns
across various City agencies. In addition, it was inquired if the Parade is officially part of
OPA or under a separate committee outside of OPA. Ludwinski requested if OPA
should sponsor or endorse the Parade in 2010. Taylor requested the item be continued
until Nafshun can be in attendance to comment.
Motion: Approve the 2010 4th of July Parade ‘in concept’ and continue discussion
of parade details to the next OPA meeting in January.
Action: Passed unanimously

7. Discussion of Quarterly Membership and Treasurer Reports from 2009 officers.
Ludwinski presented the Membership Report but has not completed entry of information
obtained at the 2009 Annual Holiday Party. Ludwinski noted that OPA currently has
1,128 members listed in the database, of which 171 members are paid up-to-date. Of
the 1,128 members, half have paid annual dues at least one time in the past and the
other half has never paid annual dues. Ludwinski noted that all members can log into
the OPA website at https://oceanpark.net/opa/index.php?z=prompt to check membership
status, contact information and confirm if annual dues are paid in-full. Ehrlich presented
the Treasurer’s Report which includes the OPA General Account, City Grant Fund and
the Special Events Fund. Ehrlich noted 2009 4th of July Parade funds are pending and
once deposited, the account will be at approximately $1,500 which equals a carry-over
from last year. In addition, approximately 188 OPA t-shirts still need to be sold or
distributed. No action taken, report only.

8. Lewis provided an update regarding the annual City-mailed newsletter and noted the
due date for all entries is 1/15/10. Marlow will provide annual OPA highlights and a brief
on future items. Lewis requested pictures from OPA events and Ludwinski will prepare a
short article announcing new elections to the OPA Board. Smith will provide an updated
roster of Board members. No action taken, report only.

9. Allard discussed improvements to the OPA website and provided a brief overview of
requests for enhancements and bid proposals by outside consultants. Allard noted that
due to time constraints, he can continue to maintain the site but any substantial
improvements should be done by a consultant. He suggested the Board consider
budgeting to have a consultant also maintain the site. In addition, moving OPA onto
social networking sites such as Facebook was discussed. Marlow recommended having
the committee review bid proposals once complete and also schedule a meeting to
discuss enhancements. No action taken; report only.

10. Ludwinski discussed holding an OPA motivational retreat to renew OPA’s goals in
2010 and brainstorm new ideas for outreach, organization, fundraising, website
enhancements and membership.
Motion: 1) Organize an OPA motivational retreat in 2010; and 2) Consideration be
given at an upcoming OPA meeting to the feasibility of hiring an outside
consultant to facilitate the retreat.
Action: Passed unanimously

11. Tribute to Laurel Roennau
Action: Continued to the 1/4/10 OPA meeting.
Meeting Close: Adjourned at 8:30 p.m.
Next Meeting: January 4, 2010 at Joslyn Park Auditorium, 6:30 – 8:30 p.m.
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