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OPA Monthly Meeting Minutes


October 12, 2009

Location: Joslyn Park Auditorium

Time: 6:30 – 8:30 PM Joslyn Park



1. Introduction to OPA: Co-President: Ted Winterer
· Expo Line Update/meeting – 10/14/09 6:00PM at the Civic Center
· OPA Meeting on 11/9/2009 at SMASH/John Muir Auditorium -6:00PM Update of
OP Blvd and 7:00PM Budget meeting with City Manager, Lamont Ewell. Dinner
will be served.
· OPA Annual meeting: December 5, 2009 from 4:00 – 6:00PM at Salute Wine Bar
on Main Street.

2. Helen Bottomley, Doctoral Student, was to present results of her research on
communications to promote earthquake preparedness and lead a discussion. She did
not attend.

3. Introduction of Linus Baskaukus, SM resident, who discussed Senior Low Income
Housing Projects that may affect all Santa Monica neighborhoods. He discussed the
developer and city’s lack of adherence to current zoning codes for the projects at
1924-1930 Euclid St. (72% increase in density) and 1753 18th Street (258% increase in
density). He feels the current developments are not in the best interest of seniors,
impacts the surrounding areas, and sets a bad precedent for other similar developments
throughout the city.
He is asking that public attend the Wednesday, October 21, 2009 7:00PM Planning
Commission hearing to urge the city to adhere to the current zoning laws for these
developments. If you can’t attend please send an email.
For more information: www.picoeuclidneighbors.jimdo.com
Email: picoeuclid@aol.com or call Linus at 310 399-0734

4. Introduction of Kelyn Roberts – who created the website www.Oceanpark.ws He
spoke about the time and effort he has committed to the site. He described it as a
treasure trove of information, photos and stories about the history of Ocean Park. There
are several thousand pages so far. He is always looking for more information and needs
assistance in finding a way to improve the storage capacity for the site.

5. Review and approval of August and September Meeting Minutes
Motion: Approve minutes
Action: Minutes approved unanimously

6. Discussion with Gary Gordon of MSBIA of City policy for allocating permits for
prepared food vendors at Sunday farmers market. Gary gave a history of the lack of
movement by the city to develop a policy to include language regarding selection of
vendors and giving priority to Main Street Merchants. There are draft rules and there is
currently no “point matrix” attached to current policy. No clear policy exists.
Motion: To send Jan Ludwinski’s letter to City Council with the exception of item #2.
Vote: 8 yes, 1 no
Action: Board voted to have Ted Winterer and Mary Marlow collaborate on the revised
letter and send it to City Council prior to the 11/10/2009 Council meeting.

7. Report from Nominating Committee of Board of Directors Election this fall. Bob Taylor
and Pauline Bohannon compiled the bios for the ballot and distributed a draft copy for
corrections. Candidates: Dennis Allard, David Auch, Pauline Bohannon, Dana Ehrlich,
Nina Fresco, Ross Furukawa, Jan Ludwinski, and Joseph Daniel Smith
Motion: Approve ballot with corrections
Vote: passed unanimously
Action: Vote for Board of Directors will be held at the December 5, 2009 annual

8. Treasurer’s 3rd Quarter Report -Dana Ehrlich was unable to attend.
ACTION: All those who collected raffle items for beach cleanup will send out thank you
cards to each donor.

9. Membership 3rd Quarter Report -Jan Ludwinski
Jan will report membership numbers at next meeting.
ACTION: Jan and Jeff Jarow will come back to board with ideas on how to support new
membership and new membership outreach at annual meeting.
ACTION: Jan will inquire with Dana about possible Facebook page.

10. Communications 3rd Quarter Report - Susan Lewis
Board to prepare articles for OPA Newsletter to be distributed at December holiday
party. New member Joseph Smith suggested ideas for newsletter and other
communications to encourage membership and to help people know what OPA can help
them with.
Ted Winterer recorded topics and names of people who will submit articles.
Action: Susan will send a reminder to all board members and others who have been
asked to write an article.

11. Board discussed tribute to Laurel Roennau using feedback from membership and
other ideas. Ideas include; plaque on Pier, plaque on bench at new overlook area on 4th
Street bridge or at other site/park in OP, student scholarship.
Motion: At next month’s meeting with Lamont, inquire about funds for honoring Laurel.
Action: After confirming possible funds with Lamont, board will decide how to honor

12. Report on status of Ocean Park Blvd. Greening project -Bob Taylor updated board
about completion of soil testing. Timeline to project completion is one year behind.
ACTION: More will be shared at November meeting presentation.

13. Board discussed effectiveness of Monday meeting date. Several possibilities were
shared. Board requested input from current president, Mary Marlow (absent) and from
those to be newly elected at December meeting.
ACTION: Lori Nafshun will reserve the Joslyn Park Auditorium for both the 2nd Sunday
and the 1st Monday until issue is resolved.
Meeting Close Extended by unanimous vote: Adjourned at 8:55PM
Next Meeting: November 9, 2009 at Muir/SMASH auditorium 6:00 – 8:30 PM
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