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OPA Monthly Meeting Minutes

August 10, 2009 Time: 6:30 to 8:30PM

Location: Joslyn Park Auditorium





1. Introduction to OPA : President Mary Marlow

2. Review and approval of July Meeting Minutes.
Motion: Approve minutes
Vote: Unanimous approval of July minutes

3. Form a Nominating Committee for Board of Directors Election this fall. Election will
take place at the annual meeting in December.
Action: Bob Taylor volunteered to chair the nominating committee
Action: Pauline Bohannan will send the Board clarification on who is up for reelection
Action: Email blast to ask for additional members for the committee and
nominees for the Board

4. Plans for Beach Cleanup with Heal the Bay, September 19, Saturday. Dana Ehrlich
reported on plans for this year’s beach cleanup. We need 16 volunteers to fill vacancies
in the two shifts for that day. An additional 2 people needed for counting items and
organizing supplies at the end of the cleanup. Board members volunteered.
Action: Email to membership asking for volunteers to work the booths and to
help with the beach cleanup.
Action: Dave Auch agreed to check with SAMOHI clubs.
Action: Volunteers needed to secure raffle prizes from local merchants. Dennis
Allard volunteered to help with canvassing Main Street merchants.

5. Plans for Events such as Annual meeting/Holiday Party, Community meeting with City
Manager, Pancake Breakfast and Victorian BBQ. Lori Nafshun took suggestions from
the board on possible venues for the annual meeting/holiday party.
Action: Lori will follow up re: Firehouse Pancake Breakfast and Spring BBQ.
Further discussion will take place at September meeting to decide on event
venue, etc.

6. Discussed possible action on old Washington West School site at 4th and Ashland,
which is unused with no known future plans. Judy Abdo, Director of Child Development
Services for SMMUSD shared a detailed history of the site. Three previous bond
measures had money earmarked for site improvements. Some funds were used for
improvements on the north end of the site. The south end of the site remains
unchanged. There is also a need for replacement of the back fence on the site.
Motion: Ted Winterer will draft a letter to the SMMUSD school board
acknowledging recent improvements to the site and requesting that further
improvements are made a priority in the next bond issue.
Vote: Passed unanimously
Action: Ted will write the letter

7. Web Site Committee to write requirements for web site update and maintenance for
purpose of soliciting bids for work. Dennis Allard reported back to the board with a bid
from TwinACT web design firm for $2800. At last month’s meeting, priorities for
improving the site were outlined and a bid from 377 Design for $3500 was discussed.
Discussion followed regarding getting 2 more bids, ongoing expense of maintaining the
site and inclusion of more board members on the committee. Dennis said that the web
site work should take 3 – 4 weeks.
Action: Dennis will report back to the board with a count of visitors to the site
Action: Dennis will research any ongoing costs to hosting and maintaining the
Motion: Increase the number of committee members to help with the web
design decision-making process. Members would include: Dennis, Jan, Mary
Marlow, Susan and Dave.
Vote: Y – 9, N- 1, motion passed

Meeting Adjourned 8:30PM

Next Meeting: Monday, September 14 at Joslyn Park 6:30 – 8:30 PM
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