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OPA Monthly Meeting Minutes

May 11, 2009 Time: 6:30 to 8:30PM

Location: Ocean Park Library




1. Introduction to OPA and introduction of Board members: Mary Marlow

2. Introduction of Samoan Barish, Social Services Commissioner, who spoke on
role of Santa Monica Social Services Commission and provided contact
information. Commission meets at Ken Edwards Center on the 1st and 4th
Monday at 7:00PM. The commission is interested in improving the quality of life
in Santa Monica. They advise the city on programs available for the most
vulnerable residents. Lori Nafshun recommended that the commission work with
the city to form a citywide health care option. Residents would be offered to sign
up with an insurance plan that would cover Santa Monica residents. There is a
Social Services Directory link on the city website.

3. Introduction of Claudia Fishler, Assistant City Librarian, and Susan Annett,
Principal Librarian Public Services department. They spoke on coming
renovations to the Ocean Park Library Branch. Susan explained that the Ocean
Park Library renovation would be done within the guidelines of historic
preservation. The library is an Historic Carnegie Library. Timeline for changes is
August, 2009. The Library will be closed for one week. Bob Taylor gave a
description of the renovation he was involved in years earlier. Claudia is in
charge of the budget for the renovations. The funds from previously determined
sources, Capital improvement funding will be used. OP Library is the first library
in line for renovations, then Montana and Fairview. She explained in detail the
changes that will be made to the area west of the circulation desk. New paint,
carpet, bookcases will be moved, new display racks will be installed, new books
and CDs will be added along with an area for featured books. As a result of
increased use of online references/resources, the mostly unused reference
collection will be removed. Additional seating will be added.

4. Review and approval of March Meeting Minutes.
· Motion: Approve minutes
· Vote: unanimous
· Action: Minutes approved unanimously.

5. Discussion and approval of Anti-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Policies
required for obtaining Directors & Officers coverage for OPA Board: Dave Auch
distributed draft policy for approval. He reported that Insurance coverage will
cost $1000 and does not include general liability for events. Separate policy
covers spectators and not participants. That is why participants must sign a
liability waiver. $1000 deductible.
· Motion: approve policies and obtain insurance coverage as quoted
· Vote: unanimous
· Action: passed unanimously

6. Report on July 4th Parade Funding by City Council and follow up needed by
OPA. Lori, Dana and Mary M. reported that they met with the Assistant to the
City Manager, Police Department representative, Finance department
representative, and Cultural Services Department representative.
· Funding from city: City approved budget of $15,800
· Wednesday, May 13, 2009 meeting with SMPD
Action: At next parade meeting on Wed., May 20, 2009 at Lori’s house to
follow up on assignments to Board and outreach to volunteers.

7. On Tuesday, May 12th during closed session the City Council will discuss
negotiations to lease part of our public beach to the Jonathan Club. Discussion
of sending letter from OPA Board to City Council objecting to such a deal being
negotiated without public opportunity to view discussion. See agenda item
2-A: Conference with real property negotiator (Govt. Code section
54956.8): Property: (three parcels seaward of the 1921 Mean High
Tide Line and adjacent to 850 Palisades Beach Road
City negotiator: Andy Agle
Negotiating parties: City and Jonathan Club
Under negotiation: lease pricing and terms
· Motion: OPA send letter supporting open discussion of negotiations
· Vote: unanimous
· Action: Mary Marlow will send letter to city council
8. Treasurer’s Quarterly Report by Dana Ehrlich: Verbal report, hardcopies to
follow. Explained “in kind hours for events”.
Action: Dana will send out report

9. Membership Quarterly Report by Jan Ludwinski. Report was submitted in
email to board. 1097 email member (not all paid memberships).

10. Ocean Park Blvd. Committee Update and Community Meeting schedule by
Bob Taylor. May 12, 2009 Peter James, City Planner and Project Manager, will
ask for funding from council for soil tests, bridge structure tests, etc. Project is
running one year behind schedule. A community workshop will be scheduled for
August or September.
· Motion: Letter will be sent from OPA to council to thank them for
support and ask for approval of increased funding.
· Vote: Unanimous
· Action: Send letter to council

Meeting Close: 8:00PM
Next Meetings: 6:30 – 8:30 PM Joslyn Park Auditorium

Monday, June 8, 2009
Monday July 13, 2009
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