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OPA Monthly Meeting Minutes

June 08, 2009                             Time:    6:30 to 8:30PM
Location: Joslyn Park Auditorium




1. Introduction to OPA -Mary Marlow, OPA President

2. Introduction of presenters: Dan Dawson, Big Blue Bus (BBB) Customer Service, and Phil Castillo, BBB Advertising Coordinator.  They distributed information regarding the BBB and the financial situation concerning the Mini Blue and Tide Ride.  Dan gave an update on the Tide Shuttle Service and discussed BBB’s participation in the July 4th Parade. 

The Tide Ride/Mini Blue is striving to meet the needs of two groups of riders; tourists and the Santa Monica community.  On July 14, 2009, the BBB will present proposed changes to these services to the City Council.  The Tide Ride will continue through Labor Day and then will have weekend only service.  A Business Advisory Committee will work with the BBB on a new service plan.  The BBB will then work with a committee that will include residents to discuss proposed solutions. The BBB will use Stimulus Funds to purchase 15 new Hybrid buses for the Mini Blue line.  The hope is that these smaller, quieter, cleaner buses will be used for the routes that travel through neighborhoods.  Dan reported that the BBB is working with the SMPD to provide shuttle services for upcoming special events.  A discussion followed about advertising on the buses. No solid plan yet.  Usually smaller buses will have local advertisers and larger buses will have more expensive regional/national ads.  Chris Ramirez of the BBB will be handling the bus that will be in the 4th of July parade.

Representative from Main Street Merchants, Gary, shared suggestions from the local business group.  Suggestions included: BBB begin any reduction in service after Labor Day, provide a minimum of 8 hours of service, include additional hotels before we ask them for more funding, concern that the suggestions may not be implemented, and to start any new revised service plan on Memorial Day of 2010.

•    Motion:  To send a letter to city council with suggestions for the BBB Tide Ride changes.
•    Vote: passed unanimously
•    ACTION: Mary Marlow will send a letter with suggestions for changes to the Tide Ride. The letter will go to the council prior to July 14, 2009 council meeting

3. Introduction of Naresh Mehra, owner of restaurant at 2424 Main St.(Malia), who spoke on applications for required parking variance and Conditional Use Permit for Type 47 Alcohol license.  Naresh is looking for individuals to support his applications to the city. Discussion followed.
•    Motion: To send a letter to the Planning Commission prior to the June 17, 2009 meeting to support the variance and to extend that support to all viable businesses on Main Street.
•    Vote: passed unanimously
•    ACTION: Mary Marlow will draft a letter for board approval and will send it out before the June 17, 2009 Planning Commission meeting.

4. Review and approval of March Meeting Minutes.
•    Motion: To approve minutes
•    Vote: minutes approved unanimously

5.  Congratulations to Ted Winterer, new Planning Commissioner.

6.  Report on July 4th Parade progress and follow up needed by OPA.  Lori Nafshun reported on participants.  Nicole Picard is the new Parade Volunteer coordinator.  Mary Marlow updated the board on the level of sponsorship obtained thus far. 
•    ACTION:  Follow up assignments to Board and outreach to volunteers, sponsors and participants.

7.  Report on participation in LUCE Workshop on Neighborhood Conservation by Mary Marlow and other Board member attendees. Ocean Park had the largest representation at the meeting.  Mary Marlow reported that it was positive and productive.  Each group shared the attributes and challenges of their neighborhoods.
•    ACTION: Mary Marlow will send out an email to the board about it

Meeting Close: 8:30 PM
Next Meeting:  July 13, 2009 Joslyn Park Auditorium 6:30 – 8:30 PM

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